Asus Zenbook UX32A & UX32VD: Price & Imminent Release This Year

Posted on 23 May 2012 by pinoytutorial

Taiwanese electronics giant Asus hardly ever fails to deliver something good and new to a market filled with power and efficiency-hungry consumers, and two of its latest offers don’t disappoint, especially when they have price tags that anyone on a budget are able to buy.

First of the two most notable Asus gadgets is the Zenbook UX32VD, a 13.3-inch ultrabook that takes it origins from the UX31 model that was released last year. However, it’s a completely different model from the other line and is far more powerful with the ability to carry one of Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge family of processors, namely the i3-3217U, i5-317U and the i7-3517U, but it also has the option for a second-gen chip as well. It also has a hybrid disk drive with 500GB for the HDD and 24GB for the SSD side, with an option for a pure solid state drive which has 256GB. Of course, getting the hybrid drive is more ideal, as it has the space only an HDD can give with the quick booting time and performance that the SSD is known for.

Aside from the drive and CPU, the UX32Vd has jaws dropping and people ready fish their wallets out of their pockets because of the graphics capabilities it brings. There used to be only one ultrabook with a discrete graphics chip on the market, but with the UX32Vd’s 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT620M GPU, people now have another option if they want some power in their ultrabooks, especially something that makes good use of the HD 1920 x 1080px screen.

The other Asus offering is the Zenbook UX32A, which is pretty similar in many ways to its higher-end brother, but instead of NVIDIA-powered graphics, it only has Intel’s integrated GMA HD 4000. Still, it’s just as notable and comes at a far cheaper price starting at $800, while the UX32Vd will cost about $1,000, both of which are impressively low for ultrabooks. Of course, both laptops can still be customized, and the prices will change depending on certain choices.

The exact date of release for both laptops is still unknown, but since Intel wont be releasing the Ivy Bridge series for a while, Asus will be shipping them with Sandy Bridge processors for now.


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