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Facebook Stocks Drop From $38 to $31 After Three Days

After its much awaited IPO debut, Facebook’s price per share has dropped from starting price of $38 to just $31. Do investors need to pull the plug? See details.


Facebook IPO Stock Price At $38 — Too Much Hype?

It is confirmed that Facebook will be offering its shares to investors at $38 raising at least $16 billion in the process. See details.


Facebook App Center: A New Money-Making Machine ala Google?

Facebook developers are busy developing the social site’s own App Center that caters paid web apps to users. Will it hold strong against Google and Apple?


FBI Wants To ‘Wiretap’ Spy on Google, Facebook To Find Criminals

A proposed law would allow FBI to wiretap social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. Would you agree on this?


Facebook Messenger for iPad: Features and Leaked Release (Preview)

Following its Instagram acquisition, Facebook launches Messenger app for the iPad with video functions. See more details before its official release.


Facebook IPO Confirmed on May 18: Everything Important

After months of waiting Facebook is confirmed to have its Initial Public Offering (IPO) come May 18. Excited? See important details.


Michael Baker: Going To Jail After Posting a ‘Joke’ on Facebook

Michael Baker went behind bars after stupidly posting a picture of him siphoning gas from a police car. See details.


Farmville 2 Release Incoming, Are You Still Interested?

Facebook games developer Zynga has announced the sequel to its Farmville game, Farmville 2. See gameplay, updates and other details. Still interested?


Facebook Buys Instagram: Pros and Cons Of This Acquisition

Instagram was recently bought by Facebook for morethan a billion dollars. Some users felt that it might be just another Facebook app. What’s your take?


Facebook Search Engine Rumor Against Google (Details)

Rumor has it that Facebook is planning to go toe to toe with Google by building its own search engine system. True or false? See this post to know more


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