FBI Surveillance Unit To Spy on Skype, The Way How Internet Communicates

Posted on 24 May 2012 by pinoytutorial

In a move that is threatening to cause repercussions again in the US constitution and has the Libertarians gearing for a confrontation, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has finally aggressively pushed for the creation of Domestic Communications Assistance Center (DCAC). This is a secret surveillance unit that aims to develop technology that will enable the police to have access to descrambles and unencrypted internet and wireless communications.

fbi spy skype 1 FBI Surveillance Unit To Spy on Skype, The Way How Internet Communicates

More specifically, the FBI is asking communication and internet providers to reconfigure their system and allow the police backdoor access to information exchange contents via the net.

In a parallel issue, the FBI is still having problems with the legal back-ups since there is no precedence yet of a court order allowing for them to force companies to betray the First Amendment. A decades long ruling of the court has stated that exchange of information over the net is offered blanket protection by the freedom of speech.

If everything goes the way FBI has planned, the existing method of surveillance over suspected felons will be a lot easier but a spokesperson of the Bureau stressed that they are not seeking expansion of authority but only seeking to strengthen already existing authority. She is probably talking about the already existing means of the authorities to obtain a court order to install surveillance gadgets and softwares to homes of suspected criminals.

The main reason for this move is that technology has grown faster than the legal means to aid the government in prosecuting criminals. Meaning, when the law caught up with wiretaps and other telephone-related surveillance systems, the crooks promptly switched to the internet and wireless comms for exchanging information; a means of communication not covered by the law on wiretaps.

The FBI has already posted job openings with regards to DCAC and the main requirement is a deep knowledge of surveillance systems.

It is good to know that the government is pursuing new means to keep illegal activities from happening or if they do, they want to limit the damage done by practically crippling unlawful elements from communicating. It is easier said than done however. They still have a lot to hurdle since getting a court order to this effect might be damaging to people’s rights.

In this initiative, however, the technology will be ready whenever the legal system deemed it the right time to employ such technology.



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