HTC Ice Cream Sandwich Update 2012: Bitter Truth For Older Devices

Posted on 23 May 2012 by pinoytutorial

In line with the newest Android OS, HTC has released a list that details which devices get and don’t get Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

htc amaze 4g handset 1 HTC Ice Cream Sandwich Update 2012: Bitter Truth For Older Devices

The good news is that there are phones that will have their over-the-air update for ICS. To make it more interesting, HTC has even indicated the period when the OTA for the specific phone would be rolled out. The phones included and the timetable for the OTA are the following: Amaze 4G (May to June), Desire S (June-July), Desire HD (July-August), Evo 3D (June-July), Evo 4G+ (May-June), Evo Design 4G (June-July), Incredible S (June-July), Sensation including the 4G and XE (March-June ), Sensation XL (April-June), Rezound (June-July), Rhyme (June-July), Thunderbolt (July-August), Velocity 4G (March-June) and Vivid (March-June).

On the other hand, the bad news is that most HTC devices with 512 of ROM or less would not be able to enjoy ICS. This means that old HTC smartphones and tablets were stricken out from the list and these include ChaCha, Salsa, Wildfire S, Explorer and the others. For owners of said devices, they just have to bear with Gingerbread. In addition, those with the Flyer, Evo View 4G and Jetsream wouldn’t also benefit from ICS according to HTC. This may really come as dismay for consumers who availed the Jetstream at $700 with a two-year contract last September 2011.



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