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GoDaddy Is Now Anti-SOPA: Will Its Customers Be Affected? (Full Details)

Godaddy has withdrawn its support to SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Will its customers be affected? See details.


Microsoft Socl: Review of Features, Facebook Killer For Students?

After months of waiting, Microsoft has finally launched its experimental Socl site aiming to combine social networking, browsing and research. See details.


Google+ Schemer Vs Facebook Events: Features and Release Date Next Year (Comparison)

Google has just introduced Google+ Schemer to battle Facebook Events, which is better? See features and comparison of both social networking services.


FreedomPop: Free Broadband Internet For United States? Public Release Soon

Skype co-founder and Lightsquared collaborated to bring FreedomPop – a free broadband and wireless voice service – to life. See details and possible catch if you’re interested.


Spotify Apps Review: New Features and Changes — Impressive?

The new Spotify App finder was recently launched helping users to find music easily. See new features and changes.


Chrome Browser 2012: Release and New Features Include Gamepad & Webcam Support

Chrome browser will get updated come Q1 2012 with support for gamepads, webcam, microphones and video chats without the need for a plugin. See other details.


Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA): Internet Censorship Details — Should You Be Concerned?

A Bill called Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is about internet censorship. Should normal citizens be concerned? See more details.


Yelp IPO: Stock Price and Release Until Next Year — Everything Important

Online review site, Yelp is currently eyeing at an IPO next year. See details.


New YouTube Celebrity Channels: Possible Release and Premium Price

Google announces its new YouTube Celebrity Channels. See details.


Google Plus Brand Pages: New Features, Still No Release Date (Pictures)

Google Plus Brand Pages will allow company to highlight their product and gain more viewers. See more details.


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