iPad 2: Full Specifications and Review of Announcement

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Okay, enough of the chit chat! Here comes the official iPad 2! And this time, it appears the predictions for this year were very accurate on depicting the specifications of the second-generation iPad.

ipad 2 white iPad 2: Full Specifications and Review of Announcement

A5 CPU Processor

ipad 2 a5 iPad 2: Full Specifications and Review of Announcement

Just like our predictions, this device will pack a dual-core processor in the body of the new A5 Chip CPU which is twice faster, 9x faster GPU but it still maintains a low power just like the A4 chip. It’s also worth mentioning that the iPad 2 is the first dual-core device of Apple for tablets and mobile category.

New Cameras (Front Facing)

ipad 2 cameras iPad 2: Full Specifications and Review of Announcement

Aside from the new front-facing camera, which has been predicted and wished since the moment of conception with the first iPad, a new application would also be included after you upgrade with iOS 4.3. Featuring Photobooth and Facetime, in which the former is an application for distorting your pictures on the go, like the liquify on Adobe Photoshop, although this one is happening live as you stream if from your iPad supporting different effects. While Facetime call brings you the same Facetime experience on iPhone / iPod Touch whereas you can use this for iPad to iPad — iPhone — even to Mac conversations.

Form Factor

ipad 2 white1 iPad 2: Full Specifications and Review of Announcement

This definitely caught our attention! The second generation iPad would be 0.33% thinner than its previous model, reducing it to a mind-blowing sexiness of 8.8mm — even thinner than iPhone 4! Like Steve said, it feels totally different and lighter too when you compared it to the iPad 1.

Also, it would come in two colors – Black and White – whereas they will all be available on iPad’s day 1 shipping date! — no more delays this time.

Other Goodies

Gyroscope – for an accurate gameplay and applications that needs precise movement (the same experience from iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4G)

10 hour battery life – the same with the iPad 1, although this one has twice the CPU power.

HDMI video-out – works with all apps, full 1080p support, no setup configuration, charge it while using, available for 39 USD.

iPad Smart Cover – A “magical” blue foldable flap protecting the screen of the device which could be converted as a stand (tripod) as well – pretty amazing! In addition to that, it has a magnetic grasp with auto-align, and it cleans the screen with its micro-fiber line. Plus, it automatically wakes the iPad from sleep  when you remove it (sleep on close). Price is tagged at 39 USD for polycarbonate case and 69 for the leather one. With 10 different colors to choose from!

iOS 4.3

Just like what we predicted, the official iOS 4.3 would be in the same line with the arrival of iPad 2 featuring several improvements for Safari via its new Nitro javascript engine. iTunes home sharing – getting all your contents from your PC via WiFi – No more jailbreak this time! Airplay improvements, Personal hotspot (just like on Verizon iPhone 4) and tons of camera improvements and Facetime calls we mentioned above.

Carrier and Pricing Plan:

And the most soothing part? The price! Not only this one will be available both on AT&T and Verizon carriers, Apple managed to maintain its price just like the iPad 1 whereas its cheapest WiFi model would still be tagged at 499 USD!

And to make things even more ecstatic, its shipping date won’t come on May or June but on March 11! (next Friday!) – And this is the type of marketing strategy every company should learn from Apple. Sell the goods while the buzz is still hot!


There’s no doubt that iPad 2 will “revolutionize” the iPad once again packing with tons of amazing features and specifications, which is highly at par with the new Android tablets today. But more importantly,  is the way how the company managed to stick with its price. You see, out of all the models of the iPad 2, the only unit that managed to go beyond 800 USD was the 64GB WiFi + 3G version. Certainly, this will put the current price of Motorola Xoom at $800 into shame.

Like we said before, one should also look at the perspective where several companies are joining-forces under the cocoon of Android just to compete with Apple, but the company is still standing strong delivering de-facto and new standards for technology while maintaining a charismatic way of marketing its product.

Android tablets may be inching closer with the iPad but one shouldn’t forget that iPad is only under one company, completely opposite with the green team. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if you are going to buy the second generation iPad next Friday.  If you’ll ask me, I will definitely get this if I haven’t bought any tablets yet and I have the cash!

Steve Jobs’s last words for the announcement.

“Our competitors are looking at this like it’s the next PC market. That is not the right approach to this. These are pos-PC devices that need to be easier to use than a PC, more intuitive.”

“The hardware and software need to intertwine more than they do on a PC. We think we’re on the right path with this.”

Is 2011 going to be the year of the iPad 2? We’ll leave that to your comments below!


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