iPad 2: Release Date and Specs Update for 2011

Posted on 09 November 2010 by pinoytutorial

We cannot deny the fact that Apple’s iPad has been dominating the tablet market ever since it was released. Despite the continuous efforts made by a number of manufacturers to come out with an equally great tablet as the iPad, still it continues to be the leading tablet PC in the market. And just recently, some ongoing rumors about an upcoming iPad 2 are all over some gadget websites. Well, these rumors seem to be true enough considering the success of its first version.

ipad 2 white iPad 2: Release Date and Specs Update for 2011

As expected, the release date, specifications and price of this upcoming tablet are not yet disclosed to the public may be because Apple doesn’t want to give other manufacturers the chance to know what they may have offer with the iPad 2 and do something to compete with it.

However, some analysts and gadget websites have given some speculations regarding its specs and features as well. This includes the following:

  • The iPad 2 is expected to have a camera a better screen that supports Facetime
  • Apple’s Retina display present in the iPhone 4 is also expected to be a part of the next generation iPad
  • An increase in display resolution and above 7-inch display. However, there are also some speculations that the iPad 2 will have a 5.6-inch screen, but based on what Steve Jobs often say that “there won’t be a 7-inch iPad 2”, then this speculation is not really possible at all
  • An increase in memory is also expected
  • A possible 2 GHz processor
  • Wireless printing feature

Basically, these are just mainly speculations about the upcoming iPad 2. And based on these possible specs and features, it seems that the iPad 2 will have the same fate as the first version. Surely, Apple will be coming with new and interesting features that will make this tablet incomparable.

The iPad 2 has been also rumored to arrive this holiday seasons, but since the Apple’s iPad is still making it well in the market, we may expect the iPad 2 early next year instead. The iPad 2 is also projected to have almost the same price as the original iPad except if there are major changes that will make it more or less expensive.

For now, let us just wait for Apple’s official announcement and see for ourselves what the iPad 2 has to offer.

Updates February 23, 2011: It appears the moment of truth has finally arrived! Coming from ZDNET, it’s said that the iPad 2 announcement will happen on March 2, 2011!

Updates March 2 (iPad Announcement): The iPad 2 goes official! Check out the full summary of the announcement, its price details and more about its new iOS 4.3 platform!


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  1. Tadeusz (Reply) Posted on February 21st, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    Not to give other manufacturers the chance to compete with it? Other manufacturers are already way ahead and even if the new iPad has all the bells and whistles mentioned in the article, it will still fall behind others considerably.


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