iPhone 4 Verizon: Price and Release Date — Why No 4G LTE?

Posted on 12 January 2011 by pinoytutorial

Well look, here’s the Verizon iPhone!

Another day, another iPhone update and I must say I am pretty hyped up with this story if we are on the year 2009 when everyone was dreaming about an iPhone device landing on a different carrier. Still, today is a good day, because this much awaited partnership from Apple and Verizon is needed to at least bring forth the balance instead of having all users bowing their heads down under the dictatorship of AT&T.

iphone 4 verizon iPhone 4 Verizon: Price and Release Date    Why No 4G LTE?

So coming fresh from the recently ended Verizon Conference at today’s 1/11/11 event, all of the previous predictions were correct this time that Red V would finally introduce iPhone to its carrier; but unlike the previous hodge-podges that Steve Jobs would have an appearance, it appears it fell a bit short.

Anyway, let’s go back to this Verizon iPhone 4 and examine this device once and for all.

As previously stated by Lowell McAdam (CEO, Verizon) the iPhone 4 would be going to its CDMA network exclusively with no added revelation if this one would be available on Red V’s 4G LTE network.

Price and Release Date

At the event, everything was tackled since 2008 when the first project for a Verizon iPhone was tested for more than a year. As of today, it’s now confirmed that current Verizon customers can already pre-order this one on February 3 for a price of 200 USD on its 16GB model and 300 USD for the 32GB w/ its usual 2-year agreement; whereas its official release date would be on February 10 for those users who doesn’t have any subscription plan for Verizon. The phone’s network could go as high as Verizon EV-DO network (the company’s version of 3G) again, there’s no news whatsoever that the company is planning to reveal the iPhone 4 on its 4G LTE network – yet.

Verizon iPhone 4 Changes

It’s still the same iPhone 4 and so far, the only changes you can see is for the Verizon iPhone 4 not being able to support simultaneous voice and data unlike the ones from AT&T (GSM model). It does have a slight redesign on its Antenna but it’s not because of the ‘Antenagate issue’ but because the configuration of a CDMA phone’s antenna is slightly different with a GSM unit.

And finally! This iPhone 4 would have a mobile hotspot function enabling up to five users to spread the WiFi love on your area. And this is something, Android users are enjoying for years now – its good to know Verizon approved that one.

Why No 4G LTE on the Verizon iPhone 4?

Why, Why… Why?, According to Apple, they didn’t allow this one to utilize LTE because its chipset would be obliged to have a new hardware redesign hence, making the revelation of the Verizon iPhone quite impossible today.


verizon iphone 4 vs att iphone 4 iPhone 4 Verizon: Price and Release Date    Why No 4G LTE?

So far, it’s still the same iPhone 4 and the added features were very subtle. But somehow, this is a huge milestone for Verizon and Apple because this will lead for a good competition against AT&T who’s already sour-graping today. The bottom factor is, there will be no 4G LTE for the iPhone 4 and you can expect it will come on the iPhone 5 since to have that feature requires a chipset change on its hardware. Obviously, this Verizon iPhone is not called as the iPhone 5 either, as you can see from the big banner of Verizon, and seriously? I would be sad if this one turned out to be an event for iPhone 5 because it would be too early and everything will get demystified already. Let’s just stick to its traditional release date on June!

At this point, it’s up to the consumers now if they are going to shift their plans from AT&T. Some would or some may simply say ‘meh’, but it doesn’t really matter how many users do change their minds to pick Red V at this moment. What significant is, Verizon has already started its milestone with Apple – which is still the company that manufactures the most in-demand smartphone for millions of citizens in USA. I am not that good in calculation but I do know that means good for business!

Let’s see how this one plays out in time.



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