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iPhone 5 Camera Upgrade With Better Specs Thanks To Sony

Sony is reportedly developing a new CMOS sensor technology that will be used on next-gen iPhone 5. See details and video demo.


T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release For 2013 And Beyond — Not Again?

US Carrier T-Mobile has laid its plans on releasing the next-gen iPhone (iPhone 5) for 2013. See details.


Best iPhone 5 Concept 2012: Fantasy Release For iPhone SJ

Touted as the best concept for iPhone 5 this year, the iPhone SJ presents a classy and stylish appearance to Apple fanatics. See details.


iPhone 5 Release For 2012: Redesigned Aluminum Back and New Look

iPhone 5 is said to have redesigned aluminum back and new look for its release on 2012. See details.


iPhone 4S vs Original iPhone 4: Specs Comparison Reveals Minor Changes

In order to judge fairly, see our iPhone 4S vs Original iPhone 4 post. This includes specs, price and features comparison between the 2 iPhone variants


iPhone 4S Hands-On and Impressions: No Videos and Pictures — Weird?

The iPhone 4S has been unveiled. See first impression, price details, specs and other features for Apple’s new iPhone


iPhone 5 A5 CPU Benchmark and Performance Revealed

Rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone 5 will sprt A5 SoC. See benchmark and possible performance if that happens.


iOS 5 and iPhone 5 To be Announced at Apple Campus Only?

iOS 5 and iPhone 5 reportedly will be announced at Apple’s Campus. See related news in our tech and gadget updates


iPhone 5 October Release: Weighing the Facts and Details

Recent leaks suggest that the iPhone 5 will launch in October along with iPad 3! Know the facts and details in our tech and gadget update.


iPhone 5: New Screen and Specifications for iPod Nano?

Reports stated that the new iPhone 5 will have a new screen similar to the iPod Nano. See important details


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