iPod Touch 5G Release with 4.1 inch Display Excites Fans (Rumor)

Posted on 23 May 2012 by pinoytutorial

With the inevitable plateau concerning the excitement and clamor for the latest iDevice comes the excitement and speculations over the next gadget with the “i” prefix.

ipod touch 5g rumored display iPod Touch 5G Release with 4.1 inch Display Excites Fans (Rumor)

Tech enthusiasts and consumers alike have always tried to imagine what the next gadgets are going to look like. This time, the device on the spotlight is the next generation ipod, the iPod Touch 5G. Instead of mock ups surfacing the net, rumors of the next gen iPod is allegedly based on verifiable albeit arbitrary evidences like the front panel that is rumored to be used in the upcoming iPhone.

Based on images that is now flooding the net, the next iPod touch will have at least 4 inches screen size contrary to popular claims of 3.95 inch display for the next iPhone prototype.

This difference of a couple of millimeters sparked off two differing conjecture paths;

  • This is a baseless rumor and would be marked off as hoax or misinformation.
  • This discrepancy is acceptable since the viewable portion is smaller than the front panel.

Still, rumors are rumors however logically viable they are. Rumored parts of the upcoming device point to a presumably better specs and bigger display for the iPhone 5 so the excitement felt by fans are not entirely groundless. However, let’s just all wait for the final product to lay these exciting rumors to rest. iPod sizes being identical to iPhones’ in the past is the best indicator that the next gen iPod will grow taller as well so let’s just keep all our fingers crossed on this one.



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