Microsoft Office Release For iPad & Android Goes Official ‘Soon’

Posted on 24 May 2012 by pinoytutorial

Microsoft has had a change of heart as there are reports saying that the company also plans to release a full Office suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) not only for Apple’s tablet (iPad) but also for Android-powered tablets.

apple ipad microsoft office online Microsoft Office Release For iPad & Android Goes Official Soon

According to BGR’s reliable source, the Microsoft Office is in fact running on an iPad and the app (Office for iPad) is the same as the one reported in The Daily. Microsoft for its part denied such report and claimed the app to be a bogus. There are also indications that the Office may come to the iPhone and iPod touch given that the loading screen for the app says Office for iOS.

Tailor-fitting the Office for Apple’s tablet is a good move considering that Microsoft already has iOS apps and the Office for OS X in its product portfolio. In addition, this also makes the company’s software more platform friendly. We do know that Microsoft in the past shared that it was working on the next generation of Office and even referred to Office 15 as the most elaborate project from their Office Division.

Microsoft is eyeing to launch the Office suite for both mobile platforms by November of this year which is in consonance with the Windows 8 release.


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