New Macbook Air Review: Everything That You Need To Know!

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It has been a couple days since that lion-fangled ‘back to the mac event’ was unleashed to us and at this point, it may be wise to incorporate all of the things Apple has shared to us in which some might find it disappointing or pleasing for others. This kind of feeling isn’t really something new for the buyers, and as much as others hate the fact that Apple is doing a redesign with its already ‘thinnest laptop’ in the world, it would be in your advantage if you’ll take some time to peek with Cupertino’s new smallest laptop in the world. So let’s check the new Air!

Macbook Air 11 inch

Just like what we predicted, the leaks portraying a redesigned Macbook Air were for real and its specifications might appear to become perplexing for some but it makes a lot of sense when you look at its price of $1k flat for the 64GB with SSD capacity and 1,999 USD for the 128GB version, coming from the older Mackbook Air which is tagged at 1, 499 USD.

While its specifications seem to be untouched except for its new GeForce 320M graphics card, SSD Storage and a super-thin Unibody construction, you can notice why Apple has made this notebook like that. If you will look at the theme of the event, it’s all about Mac and if you will check about the real changes Apple has put on their Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, it is the fact that soon Mac and iPad will be incorporated on a unison and one way to do that is putting App store on Mac computer.

The new Macbook Air exemplifies the makings of the iPad. Actually, if you will look at the innards of the new Air, it’s exactly like the iPad except it has a keyboard. Again, it won’t come as a surprise if the next redesign of Apple will be about making everything function like their iPad. Apple is just making sure their notebooks will function like that as well, and think of this new design of the Air as a preparation.

New Macbook Air 13 inch

Apple is really wise not to surprise the buyers towards its ‘iPad-shift’ over all of its devices in the future. And one way to do that is by releasing the same 13.3 inch version of Macbook Air just like the 2008 Air notebook, with a difference of the price, SSD storage and its new unibody-construction. This device is meant for the older users of the Macbook Air who wants to upgrade but find the 11 inch version too small as well with its petite storage capacity. Again, you can see the love of Apple to all of its devices and it would be close to impossible on seeing this company not trying to innovate every device it first made and market it again towards the buyer with a new series. Remember? Even their long forgotten Apple TV is on the rise again just because there’s a new model a.k.a ‘generation’ about it. You won’t see this trait much on other company. Remember the Kin Phone of Microsoft? Nexus One of Google? All gone. And the list goes on.

The New Mac OS X 10.7 and iLife

While it may still be too early to decide on how will the new Lion OS perform, Apple certainly revealed its entire core features during the event and the thing that stands out is how this company is trying to augment the experience of using the iPad towards its Mac computers. As I’ve said previously, Apple will make sure that every device they have will function like their tablet in a smooth kind of flow.

Some of the changes are already imminent, like putting an App Store through the Mac plus some rumors of putting a multi-touch capability over it which we already have through its trackpad – As Steve Jobs specifically states that he doesn’t support multi-touch on a device that isn’t a horizontal deleting the possibility of any Mac with touchscreen.

All in all, the new Lion OS will certainly become perfect for the new Macbook Air or should I say — the iPad-with-a-keyboard device.

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back to the mack steve jobs New Macbook Air Review: Everything That You Need To Know!

On a recent tirade, Steve Jobs show his side about the upcoming Android onslaught and his vision for his Apple devices. While the Green-team claims Apple’s approach is closed. Steve makes it clear that majority of the buyers need a device that has that type of approach and so far, it appears that vision reflects to the real desire of the buyers. Just look how many millions of people have already bought the iPad? On the Macbook Air, the case is the same. Apple has put everything you need there and while some features aren’t included (E.g: Flash – you need to update your Macbook Air manually, Optical Drive, etc) buyers will still buy these devices because Apple has done the thinking for them.

I am not saying people who buy Apple products ‘has no brain’, but rather, majority of the people just want a working device, which is hassle-free to use, less bugs, fast, efficient, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and is capable of giving them what they need. And so far Apple is doing a heck of a job on providing a product just like that. However, even that’s the case, there will always be an exception and some buyers might find this Apple’s approach ridiculous and a mockery to their well-being. You should understand that there won’t be a perfect device that fits the needs of the whole entity, you just need something that works for you.­­

And if the new Air can make you and your wallet breathe easily then there’s no reason for you not to get it.


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