Nvidia Kai Will Bring Cheap Quad-Core ICS Tablets On Its Release

Posted on 24 May 2012 by pinoytutorial

Remember a couple of months back when NVIDIA’s CEO started talking about cheap Tegra 3 tablets that can be bought at any 7-Eleven branch? Well, it seems like Jen-Hsun Huang’s words weren’t just wild speculations, as NVIDIA itself is working to make this come true with its own tablet, the Kai.

nvidia kai cheap quad core 1 Nvidia Kai Will Bring Cheap Quad Core ICS Tablets On Its Release

NVIDIA VP Rob Congsor made the announcement last week, saying that not only will the Kai bring the powerful Tegra 3 processor to the market at a cheaper price, but there are also plans for pairing it up with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. He didn’t reveal any other details such as specs or features, but there’s special mention goes to the expected price point of the tablet, which is just $199.

How will Congsor and the rest do this? Apparently, the company will be using the “secret sauce” that it previously used to create the Tegra 3 itself. Well, no one knows how it managed to pull that off, so for now, NVIDIA gets to keep its secret under wraps. The VP did mention though that they’ve managed to increase the power efficiency of the tablet’s display and use components that are less costly than other tablets’ for the hardware.

There’s also a chance that Kai is simply a reference or prototype and not a finalized design, if a statement from NVIDIA is anything to go by. Some of its partners are said to be working on tablets that are based on Kai, so the slate may not come out in 7-Eleven branches, but at least there’s a big chance of a similar tablet being retailed at other stores. All we can do is wait and see just what will come of NVIDIA’s big dream for the future.



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