Samsung Chromebox Outed, Includes Price and Specs Update

Posted on 23 May 2012 by pinoytutorial

Since debuting in the CES event, Samsung’s Chromebox seemed to have hidden back to its shell and remained mum for a while. Apparently, it did not do such, as it was really available in plain sight by hovering at TigerDirect’s web store.

samsung chromebox tigerdirect leak Samsung Chromebox Outed, Includes Price and Specs Update

For starters, the Chromebox has a dimension of just 7.5-inches and is said to be somewhat like the Mac Mini. It is a mini desktop computer that is powered by the Chrome operating system (OS) from Google. It comes pack with a 1.9GHz dual-core Celeron B840 processor and is paired up with 4G of DDR3 memory. Internal storage is a fat 16GB of solid state drive (SSD) so there is no problem storing vital and essential information. It also comes with six (6) USB ports as well as DVI port. Other goodies in it are Ethernet, two (2) Display Link ports and jacks for both headphone and power. It is believed that the Chromebox would probably come with a wireless keyboard and mouse accessories.

Availability is reported to be this year. As for pricing, it was carrying a tag of $330 based on TigerDirect’s product listing. Currently, details on the Chromebox have made a disappearing act. Although we can expect more details once the Google I/O kicks-off in June.



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