Sidecar App To Revolutionize Phone Calls, Download It Today

Posted on 23 May 2012 by pinoytutorial

Smartphone users can now do more with their phones while they are engaged in a phone call. Sidecar, the downloadable phone app from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, lets people easily share contacts, photos, location, and video in real time while they are talking. It’s a phone call experience re-imagined and re-aligned to the increasing demand of the smartphone age.

 Sidecar App To Revolutionize Phone Calls, Download It Today

Formerly known as SocialEyes back in February 2011, the founders then have placed emphasis on making nine people engage themselves in a video chat which was available free on Facebook. When SocialEyes shut down during the summer, it has paved the way for the birth of Sidecar wherein a new emphasis was placed on mobile handsets instead.

Users are faced with several options in calling their contacts. They can choose from methods such as using the standard dialer, tapping either a contact’s name or a recently dialed number, or sorting out names which are organized into Sidecar friends and other phone contacts.

Calls are absolutely free to anyone who also has the Sidecar app or to anyone coming from the US and Canada with or without the app through Wi-Fi connectivity. When you do call your friends who don’t have the app on their mobile phone, what they’ll get is a text invitation to download the app. Likewise, when Wi-Fi access is not possible, standard 3G or 4G calling rates from your mobile carrier will be applied.

Despite the fact that its roots originated from SocialEyes’ video-chat, the live-streamed video made during Sidecar calls is unidirectional. Either you can see what the person on the other line is seeing or he can see what you are seeing. It’s absolutely done in a non-simultaneous fashion. Video swapping is made possible through the phone’s front and rear cameras which is very different from the two-way video call you make through Apple’s FaceTime, Tango or Skype. Sidecar is not designed to copy video calling. It is aimed to add more services that go hand in hand with a regular phone call. Indeed, there are many occasions wherein you may want to show what’s going on around you without having to talk to someone face to face.

Sidecar is now available in beta on Android and in iOS with support for the iPod touch and iPhone. Since it’s still in its infancy, users ought not to be surprised when the app seems a little buggy or the call quality shows signs of mediocrity.



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