3D Printable Guns (Wiki Weapons) Will Be Illegal Soon?

Posted on 11 December 2012 by author

Doomsday for 3D Printable Guns is about to begin. This is not an issue of quality control but the state aims to ban plastic guns because unlicensed civilians (and probably terrorists) could sneak the weapons past a metal detector in areas requiring tight security.

Defense Distributed is the company behind the “Wiki Weapon” Project and responsible for manufacturing these 3D printer-born firearms that could someday replace metal weapons used by law enforcers. Ease of replacing broken parts is also possible with 3D printers. These machines have the ability to create working arms made from metal, plastics and food by stacking the materials layer by layer. Not all people seemed to buy this idea plainly because materials other than iron may not withstand the gun recoil with each shot.

Moreover, the state finds it very hard to regulate ownership of deadly weapons if one could easily create and own a gun at home. Just imagine living in a world where almost all people have their own versions of ‘permit to carry’ and the nerve to walk around the neighborhood with a gun tucked in their belts. Metal sensors will never beep because firearms were crafted out of common raw materials.

Unfortunately for those who are looking forward to these 3D Printable guns, these ‘toys’ are still pending for release because the manufacturer has yet to consult with the US government for firearms license.



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