60-year old woman stealing 44 iPhone 4 — Busted at Israel Airport!

Posted on 26 January 2011 by author

A 60-year-old Israeli woman was caught smuggling 44 iPhones last Thursday at 9:30pm in Ben-Gurion International Airport.

The woman was returning home from London dressed in a traditional Georgian outfot when airport officials noticed she had difficulty in walking. When they approached and asked her, she said she was not feeling well. Concerned, the officials agreed to accompany her but were told that she must first pass through the full body scanner for security purposes. They could not believe what they saw: the 44 iPhone 4s were hidden in her stockings under her clothes.

This is the 24th time that the airport detected attempts of smuggling into Israel ever since their full body detector was installed last October 2010. Of course, the obvious reason was she wanted to smuggle the smartphones without paying any customs fee either to sell it at a cheaper price or just brought it to Israel just for herself.

She was later released and the decision of her wrongdoing will be made this week. Here, it will be known whether she will be convicted or be sent to a committee to determine what fines she needed to pay.

It’s sad that a 60-year-old lady had to go through smuggling in order to have money without going under proper procedures. Look what people have to go through just to get money the easier way. We hope this serves as a lesson and warning for those who plan to attempt smuggling in Isarael.


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