Always On-Internet Requirement For Xbox 720? Not A Problem At All (Analysis)

Posted on 03 April 2012 by author

Earlier today, an insider report broke out about Xbox 720 and its possible release date next year, along with its alleged features all detailed by VG247. Aside from providing evidence why the next-gen console will finally use Blu-ray instead of relying with its trusty old DVDs, the thing some critiques are arguing about is the possibility of Microsoft requiring all players to be connected online before using it.

Actually, this was only highlighted in one line from the source, although if proven true, may cause some commotion within X360′s community. Question is, would there be a real problem if you’re required to have an internet connection before playing Xbox 720? The answer is ‘not really’. Take our sentiments below for your consideration.

Something We Already Heard Before

Two months ago, Kotaku broke out a news claiming the next Xbox will include Blu-Ray and won’t be able to play used games – sounds like the rumor we have for today, right?

Concentrating with the anti-used game system, the source theorizes it may use an approach like “linking a copy of a game to a specific Xbox Live account could seemingly be foiled by used-game owners who would keep their system offline.” At that time, the means on how Microsoft will be able to do this aren’t yet determined. But adding the “always on internet connection” requirement to the mix solves this puzzle.

With this type of method, its closest kin that I can only think about is Blizzard’s battle.net system. Of course, we’re not saying both will appear the same, but security-wise, it’s obvious Battle.net is one of the most hack-proof online game systems around in terms of battling against piracy. Just ask all those hackers who have tried playing SC2 without using a real Bnet profile and you’ll exactly know what we mean. This worked for Blizz so well and it’s now going to be implemented for Diablo 3.

Always Online Requirement Will Be The Future

This reality may be a hard thing to swallow if it was seven years ago; when even having a stable DSL connection seems to be a luxury. However, the situation is highly-different today. We now have vast resources to implement more structures on providing WiFi connection on our homes. And nope, I am not talking about U.S, U.K and Canada only, but this implementation has even reached those third world countries.

Of course, you can always insert the dilemma “of not having an internet connection” would mean not being able to play Xbox 720. But two years from now, that issue would appear more of a trivial one especially when almost all homes will have their WiFi connection ready.

Our Take

If you’ll look at the history of gaming consoles on their respective generation, they’re always subjected to criticisms, and every bit of changes implemented are met with fear in the eyes of customers. Similar with Xbox 720’s situation (considering this leak is legit), users are feeling kind of anxious knowing the new console would require them to be connected on the internet all the time, just to be able to play the games they want. But like what we mention above, this won’t be a problem at all now that the technology is already there to provide amends for this lack. Just imagine the innovation we’ll see two years from now.


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  1. dakan45 (Reply) Posted on April 3rd, 2012 at 3:50 am

    Well, i wonder how many people would buy a console with always online requirements, not as many thats for sure.

    But the horrific thing about this is that people will HAVE to pay for peer to peer online service.

  2. Gregory (Reply) Posted on April 3rd, 2012 at 4:04 am

    Why should i be forced to have a $30-$60 monthly bill for internet just to be able to play games?
    What if i can no longer afford to pay that monthly bill in order to pay another bill, does that mean i don’t deserve to play games that i paid for? Or what if i live in the country outside of city limits and can’t get high speed internet? Does that mean that MS doesn’t want me to buy a new console?

  3. Jabir Abdulahad (Reply) Posted on April 3rd, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Always online is an automatic fail.

    Yes people have broadband “always on” services provided however a mandatory online connection can cause issues when our ISP’s decide to turn off our services for maintenance and sure it doesn’t happen all the time but imagine how it feels when your internet service is down and on top of that you can’t play your purchased games because of some bureaucratic crap.

    Another issue with “always on” is when I’m out of town I take my console to game with, not connected to my internet service would mean no more taking my console on the road with me to play… I’m not going to fork out more money for a mobile internet service as well!

    I hope if MS do it they lose more money than they anticipated because truly they treat us all like pirates and seriously deprave us all in the process.


Sensible comments/suggestions are always appreciated.