Amazon Airbag For Smartphones: Release and Specs For Next-Gen Phone Case Revealed

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With the existence of lots of gadgets and devices, it is only natural to come out with accessories for these gadgets as well. In fact, more people are beginning to think of various products that will further enhance our user experience. And speaking of new accessories, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has proven his active imagination as he introduced his idea of having a protective airbag for smartphones. Well, it seems that most of the tech-oriented people are always looking for ways to protect their gadgets and devices and the idea about having a protective airbag for smartphones seem to be a good idea.

As part of their initial step, Jeff Bezos and Amazon VP Greg Hart have already applied for a patent for protecting those delicate and expensive smartphones from droppage simply by deploying a tiny airbag as the handset senses a strong impact. In other words, if a certain device is at risk or damage from a fall, the airbags will instantly inflate. This has been made possible through the monitoring system that keeps track of whether which side of the phone is needed and when it is not.

Basically, the idea about the Amazon airbag is to embed one or small airbags right inside the device itself. And once the device is in danger of falling to the ground, the airbag will instantly inflate. This is possible because of the compressed air or carbon dioxide that will trigger the airbags to inflate. This is basically the same with the concept of parachutes, and vehicle airbags. In addition, it has been noted that the patent application has also gone further and suggests the possibility of reorienting the device in the air through expelling gas. There are also some rumors telling that springs would be deployed instead of airbags.

As of now, the Amazon airbag is still a concept that may turn into reality or not. However, it seems that this technology would not be ready for mass production any time soon. So watch out for more details or whether this will concept will turn into reality or not.

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