Amazon Kindle Phone: Release and Cheap Price Leaked

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The online shop, Amazon will further its hardware producing business as it further goes international especially to countries that the company currently offers products to as it is rumored to rekindle its hardware-making business by offering a smartphone soon. It can be recalled that Amazon started selling its own hardware in 2007 through the Kindle followed by a number of different tablet models.

Taiwan Economic News said that Amazon has just closed a deal with a Chinese manufacturer Foxconn for the making of five million handsets. Such number is said to be not really much knowing that in the Us alone, Apple has sold the same number of iPhone 5 units during the first three days of its release. Perhaps, the five million number of units is just an initial order knowing that smartphones are big hits these days.

The Amazon Kindle Phone is expected to be announced next year sometime between the second quarter and the third quarter, that is from April to September. More specifically,reports said that the announcement and release of the said smartphone is likely to happen after Google event that may happen in May and Apple event which may occur in June.

Furthermore, the smartphone is reportedly priced somewhere between $100 and $200; certainly within our budget!



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