Amazon Pre Black Friday 2013: 3DS XL Console at $170, NBA Baller Beats at $10 & More

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Surprise, surprise! It’s the first day of November and for Amazon, this is an opportunity to shower bargain hunters with competitive deals all throughout Thanksgiving by listing its “Black Friday Deals Week” which should give ninja sales for those who are on the lookout.

As expected, the world’s biggest online retailer price-matched some of Best Buy’s hot items from its new 2-day sale happening today.


Nintendo 3DS XL (Blue & Black) at $169.99

Nintendo 3DS (Black) at $139.99

PS Vita (WiFi) at $179.99

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team at $24.99

Persona 4: Arena (PS3) at $21.95

Meanwhile, we also noticed some hot items mentioned under its Black Friday deals week buried beneath the pages.

NBA Baller Beats (X360) at $9.99

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist Paladin Multi-Mission Aircraft Edition (X360, PS3 and PC) at $99.99 each.

Obviously, Amazon still haven’t completely matched all the deals given by Best Buy like that epic Paper Mario at $8 or the Limited Edition Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL at $170. Still, it’s fortunate to see the shop reacting quickly to some items offered competitively by other retailers hinting the Black Friday for this year would be a spectacular show of bigger deals compared from the previous years.


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