Amazon Tablet: Features and Release Will Kill iPad and other Android Tablets?

Posted on 22 April 2011 by author

We’ve heard this rumor-mill before buzzing around the blogosphere for the past couple of weeks, but we are still waiting for some substantial leaks before reporting it to you. Well, today is that day! As GDGT managed to hint some pretty interesting arguments of why Amazon will launch a tablet, and how will it arrive as one of the most successful gadget of the company, given that they do the right moves to market this device, and pump it up with the right application against iPad and other bunch of Android tablets lurking in the background.

Currently, Amazon has not yet made any statement regarding this rumor, but our pundits are adamant that all the things the mogul online shop is doing lately: Building its own App store; pumping its ecosystem with Kindle apps, music, digital downloads, and having its ridiculously competitive Cloud Music Player against the iTunes are more than enough signs the new beast is about to be un-caged.

For the meantime, GDGT made some good predictions about the possible specifications for this tablet. Such as using the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) for its platform under a layer of its own customizable UI – just like the Nook Color. And of course, sell it in a ridiculous price just like the Barnes and Noble’s strategy; it could even go as low as 250-350 USD. Again, the reason for this is, the upcoming tablet is not really centered about running high-end applications, but targeting its millions of Amazon members who are tuned for those usual consumer-electronic usage such as: downloading music, reading e-books, watching videos and playing some games. Likewise, Amazon can reap out all the benefits of this later that’s why they can drop the price of this tablet, and expect it to even drop after they felt this move was a success; Remember Kindle 3 starting at 170 USD? Now merely hanging at 100 bucks only?

Then again, all of this is still a hypothetical guess, but we won’t be surprised if we’ll be hearing this news from the horse’s mouth this year either.


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