Angry Birds Christmas Edition: Release Date Updates and Price for Free — Sort Of.

Posted on 27 November 2010 by author

Remember that leaked info before about that Angry Birds Christmas edition coming from a finland-based website? Well it appears today, everything has undergone on a positive transition as it was revealed right now from a finnish radio station that it would be for free for every user who bought an Angry Birds Halloween edition on their iPhone / iPod Touch. Okay perhaps, a negative news for those who did not.

And just in case this leak isn’t enough, it appears Rovio has finally submitted this Holiday version on the Apple App store right now and it’s already on queue for approval on the game center. Hooray!

Anyway, just in case you want to hear more Angry Birds goodness for today, we have covered a previous report a couple of hours ago that your favorite mobile game will have its proper welcoming for consoles and it will be named as Angry Birds 2 whereas its compatibility is expected to roll-out on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. While this project seems to be going on hazy for today, everyone should be delighted on this news and probably this game will be available as a downloadable content on each of the console’s private network.

So far, there’s no telling if Rovio will give more goodies to Android like this Christmas edition for Apple iDevices. The last time we’ve heard, Rovio is having a hard with some compatibility issues on the green platform that’s why it’s planning to reveal an Angry Birds Lite version exclusively for Android. Let’s see how this one goes from here!


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