Angry Birds Magic for Nokia C7: Release Date and Download w/ NFC

Posted on 31 May 2011 by author

There’s no stopping the Angry Birds from coming! The popular game app is soon to nestle its way to Nokia Handsets specifically those equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) chips.

Okay, it’s Angry Birds Free with Magic that’s really coming! This time though, one has to seek the aid of others (friends or strangers) to complete the levels. The game still includes the five (5) normal levels but after that, everything changes as the 15 others can be unlocked with the help of a friend which has an NFC enabled phone. Levels are unlocked when player touch phones with someone and it takes three (3) friends to unlock the 15 levels (one friend unlocks 5 levels). Angry Birds still has retained the single-player game format even though multi-player has been allowed through NFC.

Check out the video:

Angry Birds Magic app however would only be for Nokia C7 (comes preinstalled) owners as this forms part of the upcoming Symbian Anna update. Those with Nokia handsets that have NFC chips would also enjoy the game but will have to wait for Angry Birds Magic to be made available this year. A full version is on the works which will be made available at Nokia’s Ovi Store.

It is time to once again combat the pig menace!



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