Angry Birds Space: Download and Release Date Confirmed Next Month

Posted on 18 February 2012 by author

It looks like the Angry Birds are not contented to kill pigs and monkeys on Earth and decided they want to expand…through space. Rovio has announced their latest Angry Birds game entitled “Angry Birds Space” where they will be killing pigs in a very different atmosphere than Earth.

For those who are still living under the rock the past year, users shoot Angry Birds characters using a slingshot to crush big green pigs hiding in structures that come in different forms. In this new game, new characters will be introduced and players will have an accurate physics part of the game. There will be new gameplay elements such as slow-motion, light-speed destruction and launching at the pigs in zero gravity.

This will be a challenge for users as it will be a totally new environment that is not the same as Earth and will keep users playing to finish the levels. Also, Rovio has enlisted NASA and National Geographic as the launch partners for the game. Other than that, the details of the game are still a bit light and there is no word yet on the supported platforms.

There will be a big launch for the game, for sure. So far, the Angry Birds Space will have a March 22, 2012 release but watch out for more news and updates on it. See the recent teaser video below.


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