Angry Farm a.k.a Angry Birds for Blackberry — Download and Price

Posted on 27 February 2011 by author

Great news for all Blackberry lovers who cannot play Angry Birds! The BlackBerry App World has recently released its very own “Angry Farm”!

Released last February 25, Angry Farm is Blackberry’s own version of the ever popular Android game, Angry Birds. The game is developed by Smarter Apps and features a similar gameplay. In Angry Farm, the animals are bound to clear the farm from the marauding army of hungry foxes.

Each animals have their own unique properties and a player is given the ability to control a specific animal. These abilities are:

  • Angry Goat: Flies to the air causing hay bales and farm structures to explode.
  • Angry Cow: Super fast attack speed.
  • Angry Hen: Flies into the air causing three angry bird projectiles
  • Angry Pig: Bounces like a super ball of furious rubberized pork

On the other hand, features of the game mainly include 30 action-packed game levels as well as some special audio and video effects. The game also offers free upgrade to all existing Angry Farm customers.

Here’s a video preview for Angry Farm:

So if you are a Blackberry user and would like to test your skills in Angry Farm, you may download the game at the Blackberry App World for a very humble price of $4.99.

Unless a bouncing pig isn’t your type.


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