Anon Plus Social Networking Site: Breeding Ground for Hackers?

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Social networking sites are designed to bring together friends or people who share the same activities, interests, sports, hobbies, etc. Quite surprisingly, there is word that there exist a social networking site that caters to people who do have the fondness over privacy and it’s called AnonPlus. In this day and age, privacy is indeed an issue and sometimes a matter of security.

AnonPlus was created in order to prevent government censorship or should we say control. The site is a work in progress and would involve about 18 individuals/developers. What prompted the responsible individuals for the site came when several users of Google+ account were shut down mainly because of expressing support for Anonymous (a site that maintains anonymity). The creators of AnonPlus are saying that their site is “free of fear, censorship and blackout and will be for all people not just Anonymous.”

It may be recalled that Anonymous gained notoriety last year when it launched cyber attacks on PayPal and Visa. The site was created as a response to those involved in limiting freedom of speech and having anonymity online.

The Anon Plus initiative wouldn’t be the first since there were previous attempts (i.e. Diaspora) to attract users and veer them away form the well-known internet giants.

As for registering, no details were given but as mentioned in AnonPlus.com, those who want a world free of control of information can go to a specific site (presstorm.com) or do chat(rc.mibbit.com #anonplus).


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