Anonymous Hacked Apple: Fake Assumptions? — Full Details of the Story

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A lot of possibilities could happen once a well-known company gets hacked. All the personal and confidential information could be compromised and the reputation of the company will surely be sacked. But it is just a bit disappointing to know that despite of all security measures, there are still those that can manage to get the codes cracked.

Sadly, no company is exempted from these attacks. Not even Apple. In fact, the latest hack report came from a hacker group called “Anonymous”. The said group has recently claimed that they have successfully managed to invade one of the company’s servers along with those encrypted passwords and user names.

Apart from this, the hacker group tweeted that the said invasion was not a serious hack. Though, the group did state that there’s a possibility for the company to be next target apart from their current hack attacks. The group then ended their tweet with the AntiSec hashtag.

Prior to this, the Cupertino-based company has already faced a lot of moddlings and cracks. Most of the invasions were focused on the company’s most notable gadgets such as the iPhone and the iPad.

On the other hand, reports were also stating that the aforesaid group has also invaded the storage base of a dating site called pepper.nl.


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