Anonymous November 5 Hack Attack on Facebook: Will It Happen?

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We cannot deny the fact that hacking is becoming more prevalent in the internet world nowadays. In fact, we have heard of a lot of hacking incidents concerning government authorities and other high security computer networks. Well, obviously hacking has become a big problem that questions the security of the Internet. Aside from government authorities and other secured computer networks, personal e-mails and Facebook account has also become a favorite target by hackers out there. In fact, there is an ongoing rumor that there will be a November 5 hack attack on Facebook. So what is going to happen on November 5?

Apparently, Anonymous, a group of hackers is targeting Facebook on November 5. Anonymous has been popular for attacking various secured sites such as Bank of America, Sony and a lot more. November 5 has become a potential attack day because this day is the so-called Guy Fawkes Day, which is supposed to be a celebration of the saving of King James’s life, but has turned into a day where most people speak the truth and voice out whatever they want. This might not really be the first time that we have heard of Facebook attacks, but this time this attack is rumored to be bigger because it intends to kill Facebook entirely.

Now the question is – “Will Anonymous really attack Facebook?” The good news is that the group has also been known for frequently using threats and warnings in order to make people more aware especially now that Facebook has been reported to be a target for abuse of user privacy. This will also leave Facebook users out there to think about how much information does this social networking site has and how it invades our privacy as an individual.

As Facebook users, we should always be careful about the information that we share online. Always think before you click in order to avoid any hacking incident. In addition to this, try to strengthen your internet security if you do not want your account to be hacked and your personal information to be compromised. Whether Anonymous will really attack Facebook or not, it would be best for us to protect our Facebook account and be responsible users online.


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