Anticipating GTA V Trailer 3 Release With Ideas

Posted on 22 January 2013 by author

We’re already at the third week of this month and that means, we’re just a few more days to go before Rockstar Games unveil the official box art for GTA V.

Why is this significant? Well, if you’ll consider how the company launched GTA IV on 2008, there’s some relevance between its box art reveal and the arrival of its third trailer. And that’s what fans are anticipating for this month.

If you’ll look at this reference, GTA IV’s cover was officially released on November 28, 2007. Just a week after, Trailer 3 arrived. It’s important to mention the outfit did announce Trailer #3 on the same day when the box-art was revealed.

Following this premise, we can say if the box-art for GTA V was revealed this week, there’s a big possibility Rockstar Games would also reveal the date for Trailer #3 and it will be available to watch as soon as next week. This makes sense considering the company is releasing the game on Spring (begins March until June), and postponing any trailer launch would mean other possible delays for the game or launch for its final trailer. For those unaware, GTA IV did have a fourth trailer on March 2008, just a month before the game was released on PS3 & Xbox 360.

As for the details of V’s next trailer, GTAForum has an interesting theory, providing leads about the faces of the antagonists, better depth of the maps and storyline between Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Meanwhile, there’s a dedicated thread about the arrival of V’s box art. Interestingly, it matches with our prediction above that its arrival should happen this week while the third trailer will become available next week.

So what are you thoughts about the third trailer? Show your comment below.



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