Apen A3: Price, Features and Review for Digital Pen That Memorizes Everything You Write

Posted on 30 August 2011 by author

It’s really stressful and irritating when you need to take down important notes and ideas and then learn that you don’t have with you your reliable pen and good ole paper. Well, worry no more as E-Fun will make your note-taking life stress-free with its aPen A3 digital pen.

Having a digital pen in this day and age is a sure must as you will never know when it will become very handy. It would really benefit both the working population and the students. The aPen A3 is touted to be the same as Livescribe used for both Android and Blackberry. It also looks like your regular pen except for that it is a digital pen.

With this digital pen, users are able to digitize everything as well as record their notes on their devices/gadgets which are made possible by Bluetooth. Moreover, the aPen A3 has a photo sketch function wherein user can jot down or doodle notes on photos and images and directly save it to a smartphone or PC (can also be done in Mac).

Those who want to have within their disposal a pen that pretty much simplifies taking down notes, the aPen A3 surely fits your need. This handy digital pen retails for $129.99 and we must say it’s really a good buy.


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