Apple iOS 4.2 Leaked Release Date and Download: Guide and Review

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Before Steve Jobs ended his speech for the iOS 4.1, he teased us with its next version – iOS 4.2. And I hope you are still interested, because this sneak peek would certainly make you want to get it already!

ios 4_2

Everything about this update is for the iPad.

New Features


ios 4_2 airplay

A very simple yet effective way to print using your iPad wirelessly. I guess its just about time that iPad users will finally have the opportunity to print their docs with ease.


ios 4_2 airtunes

As the photo describes it – Stream audio, video and photo using Wi-Fi.

Release Date

iOS 4_2 release date

November, 2010 and it will be a free update! (Hurrei!)

While Steve didn’t actually stated the exact day for this update, expect that it will be happening before the Black Friday. Also, it was not mentioned yet, if this one would be available for the iPod Touch 3g and iPhone 3G, 3GS as well. So stay tuned!

(images: engadget)


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