Apple iPhone 5 Announcement Scam: Virus Removal Guide

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It doesn’t really matter if you hate Apple products, a fanboy of the fruit-shaped company or just somebody who loves gadgets. Tomorrow’s iPhone announcement – as expected – will be one of the biggest tech event this year. Likewise, while everyone is watching the clock tick, some lowlifes in the web has come up with a new scamming scheme — that is – announcing their own version of iPhone 5 fooling its victims on clicking a link leading to a virus infested website.

To be more specific, the fake message is sent through e-mail and when you read the content, you’ll see the device called as “iPhone 5GS” or “iPhone 5S”. Naturally, any enthusiast who’s following the trails of breadcrumb for the real next-gen iPhone won’t take this message seriously, but for those who aren’t too techie, you might click on the link for the “order now” button which will redirect you to a site plague by Trojan Mal/Zapchas-A.

According to Sophos, its backdoor type of Trojan that makes your computer vulnerable for future attacks. So far, windows machines are the only ones affected by this culprit. In case you got infected, here’s a guide on how to remove it from your PC.

Until we hit Apple’s official keynote tomorrow, no one can confirm the official name of the next-generation Apple handset. But basing from our previous reports, it should be “iPhone 5” or “iPhone 4S”.


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