Apple Won Against Samsung Patent Case, Will Receive $1.05 Billion As Award

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Samsung suffered a major blow after the jury’s decision ruled in favor of Apple’s patent infringement claims on the Korean manufacturer which eventually led its payment of more than $1 billion in total damages. In the meantime, the company lost its counterattack of patent claims and therefore didn’t receive any monetary amount for damages.

The jury declared that Samsung has indeed infringed on a couple of utility and design patents of Apple in its several devices starting from Fascinate to Galaxy S II. Though Samsung has prevailed on some devices which are in question, the company has endured losses on more of its products.

According to the jury, Samsung voluntarily infringed on five out of six Apple patents brought up in court and therefore has awarded Apple a hefty sum of $1.05 billion in damages. These damages involve patent infringement on devices such as the Samsung Vibrant, Indulge, Galaxy S II, Captivate, Epic 4G, and others.

The case started in April 2011 when Apple filed charges against Samsung for outright copying of the iPad and iPhone in its vast lineup of Galaxy devices. Samsung retaliated with counter charges which prompted the case to spread to several courts worldwide. Apple was successful in having the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Nexus banned in a number of regions but the trial in Californian court made everyone watching and anticipating.

For several days, the jurors have debated over the issue and were able to come up with a verdict after a total of 21 hours and 37 minutes of deliberation. While the case may have lasted for three weeks and viewed as having a large scope, the entire verdict was read in just about half an hour concluding the argument between the two tech giants.

The two tech giants will have another face off when discussions on an injunction against Sammy’s products commence in just a few weeks from now. Both companies have filed post-trial motions which could mean Apple wanted more than just the $1.05 billion award while Samsung wanted to prove that the jury’s decision on patent exhaustion is not valid. Till then, let’s see if September 20th will be declared as a global holiday as it is clearly obvious that people can’t seem to have enough of this courtroom madness and wouldn’t dare to miss every single part of it.



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