April Fools Day 2012: Quick Roundup and Compilation For Gamers

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After the not-so funny “Topeka” joke by Google two years ago, Internet’s number one site showed everyone how April Fools’ Day is done. Recently, it introduced a video entitled “Google Maps 8-bit for NES” which practically enables you to transform google maps into 8-bit, port it with a NES cartridge, and play it with your nineties old “Family computer”.

Check out the video

Similar with last year (remember Gmail motion control?), Big G is always the first one to upload their AFD prank making it fair for netizens living in the eastern part of the globe. Likewise, we’ll continue updating this post especially those gaming sites cooking up for today’s event.

For the gaminsphere, the companies that stood out last year were RAZR revealing its “talon” product, while Blizzard makes sure WoW and D3 players will receive a good prank for that day. And oh, there’s also that “super monkey cube” post from Sega, which is unexpected, but very much appreciated by fans.


Big One from Minecraft. Last year, the 8-bit fansite revealed “The Supply Crate”. Today, guess what? It has launched “Mars Effect“.

“After several weeks of trying to come up with a good name for the game, we finally decided not to learn from previous experiences and pick a name that’s already kind of in use by a huge existing franchise. After playing around with names like “Elight”, “Wind Commander”, and “Steve Online”, we finally settled on the very catchy name “Mars Effect”. – Notch

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Alleged scans from Famitsu shows an interview with Tetsuya Nomura stating FFVXIII will come in three sequels, even including a DLC within its context. Of course, we all know the real truth behind it!

Resistance 3 Easter Eggs Blowout!

IGN compiled several ‘easter eggs‘ discovered by players for Resistance 3 — first time that ever happened from the franchise.

Tales of Xillia

Love Namco Bandai’s Tale of Xillia RPG? Well, folks from Tokkurin (a JP based site) pranks everyone, announcing the title is about to be animated for fans to watch!

Satoru Iwata Interviews Kazuo Hirai

So Nintendo’s CEO interviews Sony Computer Entertainment’s big Boss — what more can you ask for? (source NG)

Turtle Beach XPPX-9001

Meet the latest headset of Turtle Beach under its “Ear Force” series — that will blow your mind and eardrums away! There’s a detailed summary including ways on how you can “avail” it.


This one is still prepping to be released later this day, but according to a thread, its mod “Jaggex” is planning to surprise the MMO players soon.

Sony Computer Entertainment AFD Special

Yeah, someone at SCE is working hard today (at least in Japan), as three pranks were spotted by Andriasang, revealing artworks for Everbody’s Kabaddi, Everbody’s Gateball and Everybody’s Sumo. Unannounced outfits for Gravity Rush and a movie conversion for Reality Fighters.

Rise of Immortals

Meet Karapyss d’ Crabomancer — no need to explain this one.

Portal 2

Not entirely sure what’s the history behind this blog and GLaDOS taking over it last year, but it turns out, this is the way how the blog celebrates AFD along with some Portal 2 appreciation.

Why so sirious Neogaf?


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