April Fools Day 2013: Early Compilation For Gamers

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It’s that time of the year again when netizens gather and do pranks around the interwebs.


While it’s still Easter Sunday on United States, many websites are already celebrating April Fools Day. Likewise, we’ve gathered some of the best pranks done by gamers alike.

Half Life 4 (link)

Since Valve is having a hard time confirming the existence of Half-Life 3, why don’t we just skip everything and release Half Life 4? Yes, SteamDB site nailed this one pretty good. They even included this on their official database app to make it look more legit. Take note this game is playable on Linux OS too.


After SoniComi, it appears devs are busy on releasing a new project for Super Sonico and it will be released next year.

Guild Wars 2 Login Screen with 8-Bit Tune (link)

GW2 players got themselves on a real treat today as ArenaNet completely changed its login screen music to an 8bit chiptune. May we remind everyone this is only temporary, no need to panic.

World of Tanks New Moon Map (link)

Tanks, moon craters and outer space. What could go wrong? Expect this new map to be included on WoT 8.5 update which is ready to release on May.

Nintendo Ceases Production of Wii U

Thanks to newspaper image generator, someone managed to create news report that says Nintendo ceases the production of Wii U due its abysmal sales for the past five months. And yes, the news was published on April 1.

Blizzard’s Crabby Is Back


This creature was first introduced by Blizzard a couple of years ago and today, it’s back appearing on the side of your screen whenever you try visiting any forum links under WoW EU. For those who can’t see it, crabby pretty much works like the ‘wizard’ widget from Windows XP’s search bar.

Valkyria Chronicles x Sailormoon (link)

A crossover of Valkyria Chronicles and Sailormoon characters posted on Gamer Japan. You can’t go wrong with that.

League of Legends Wikia Turned Into Draven (link)

LoL’s official wiki page is now defaced turning its title into League of Draven complete with the icon of draven replacing all the champions and free champions from the page.

Man Hunter For PS Vaita (link)

A cool parody of Monster Hunter

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo’s president Sarotu Iwata introducing something for Nintendo 3DS on Japan complete with new titles.

For those who want to do a comparison, here’s a compilation we’ve done last year. Happy AFD to all.

Update 1:

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box — A virtual console that puts your game in a classic environment with different levels and pests.

Blizzard Kidzz – Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce a new line of videogames set to capture the imagination of a whole new generation of gamers. Designed for a young audience, Blizzard Kidzz™ games strive to present children with not just the most epic, but also the most educational gaming experiences… ever.


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