AT&T Vs Verizon: Luke Wilson’s headless ads

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Just when you thought the the war is over, then this another’ Luke Wilson nauseating advertisement surfacing the tube again? As usual, the commercial was filled with another loathsome and fallacitous content to deceive people. I am baffled once again, why does AT&T keep injecting the mind of the public that they are USA’s Fastest 3G Network? Maybe that’s the only title they could flabergast? Now that it has been unveiled there was a recent finding – a court decision going with the side of Verizon acknowledging that they are the “America’s Most Reliable Network”, “America’s Best 3G Network”, “America’s Most Reliable Wireless Network” throwing the adversary AT&T company on the douche trash-can.

headless commercial

If you will look at the facts, you can see that long ago even before these Luke Wilson ads flourished, Verizon was already proclaimed with ’3 titles’ not to mention one of it is “The Best 3G Network”, Now for the claim of AT&T that they are the nation’s fastest 3G network.. Let’s just say, it sounds dubious – can I scream shenanigans already? Also, didn’t we hear that AT&T was dead-last for the 2009 Best Cellphone Service wherein Verizon is the undisputbale winner? Those reputable evidences are more than enough to say that AT&T’s claims is nothing but a big bubble of conspiracy that easily pops out, when pierced by the needle of truth.

Okay ‘nuff of the factual history, here’s the video.

Dang, those 30-sec worth of ads surely made  any user, who experienced a slow-dreaded signal from AT&T, feel sick. Anywyay, I must say the ‘headless’ picture of Luke Wilson looks really nice ‘on him’ (Oups on giving that ‘orcish’ comment)

They keep saying Verizon is slow, but if you will try to use Verizon, you can see its at par with AT&T’s so called “fastest …rants” and Red V is leagues away when you speak about the 3G coverage it offers compare with the small AT&T.

Some people just don’t know how to accept defeat, and improve thyself, don’t they?


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