Battlefield 3: How To Rank Fast Guide For Newbies (Tutorial)

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Now that Battlefield 3 is officially out to the world, some players who are new to the game may feel alienated with all the “ranking” schtuff, and just want to be there, play the game and have some fun.

Actually, understanding ranks on BF3 is very simple and double that if you’ve played other FPS game before (like Call of Duty). Basically, your rank tells the overall performance of your character and you can level this up simply by playing the game and pawning enemies. In Battlefield 3, the highest rank is 145 which is a Colonel Star. Naturally, the more points you gained through leveling means, the more items you can unlock which include your weapons, attachments, specialization, camouflage, etc.

In short, the higher your rank is, the more you become a killing machine on the game. Of course, multiply that a hundred folds through experience. So what’s the best way to rank fast on Battlefield 3? Well, we’ve search tutorial videos for you explaining the basics of leveling your character.

Killing Enemies Vs Capturing Flags

Getting the kills and clearing the flags blends together perfectly. As the uploader reiterates, you can kill as much as 25 players and gain 5000 points, but if you play it wisely and get the flags of the enemies. You can get nearly as much points with only fewer kills which is really a time saver if you’ll look at this angle.

StoneFaceLock also talks about other ways on getting points aside from killing and capturing flags like: suppressing enemies, kill assists, flag neutralization, etc.

For capturing flag, you get 250 points on the game, capture assist for 200 points; the same points if you neutralize it which means, your enemy already got your flag and you pawned them; thus saving it for your team.

M-COMMs are Gold and so are Knife Kills

This military communication was first introduced in Bad Company 2 and in BF3, you can play it in rush or squad rush mode. Eitherway, your mission is simple as you need to blowup M-COM of your enemies by arming an explosive and you get 600 points instantly. Simply arm it and it didn’t explode? You’ll get 100 points, and if you disarm a M-COMM on defensive mode, you’ll gain 200 points which is still pretty slick.

In any FPS game, whether it’s Battlefield, Call of Duty or those decadal old games like counter-strike, a Knife kill is one of the hardest and that will let you earn 300 points automatically.

Other Miscellaneous Stuff

Playing vehicles, assisting or destroying it will help you earn points. According to BF3blog, just merely disabling it will get you 100 points while destroying it will give 200 points.

You can also play the role of support and when you revive your teammate, you’ll get 100 points. Plus 20 points per squad revive and 30 points for squad repair.

Other References

Here’s two more clips showing you the basics on how to level up fast. And both of them discussed the importance of creating a party and doing specific team objectives which will benefit all of you in return. Naturally, you can find servers on Battlefield 3 where all the players are sabotaging each one’s gameplay in order to rank fast (e.g: I’ll kill you with a knife, and I’ll let you kill me with a knife, etc). Obviously, you won’t learn anything from that and if you’ll ask me, that’s boring!

In case you have other suggestions on how to level up fast on Battlefield 3, hit us with your comments below.


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