Best Free Game Apps For The New iPad 3 Right Now

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Two weeks since the inception of iPad 3, probably most of you have tried downloading those top paid games on the app store just to see Apple’s heralded ‘retina display’ in action. However, as days pass by, you may have noticed – like us – that most premium games can pretty much suck your credit card dry, especially if you’re that guy who likes to buy in-game items (virtual currency) just to beat the game wantonly than your buddies.

Well, life shouldn’t be this difficult and if you’ll consider our selection below, you’ll realize free games on the store aren’t shabby at all. We also included some tips and tricks to jumpstart your gameplay so you won’t feel intimidated on playing each one.

Samurai Vs Zombies: Defense

Tower defense games have been there for centuries and if you’re looking for something fresh, we can definitely recommend SvZ for you. On a nutshell, the game puts TD titles into life as you play the role of a Japanese slasher, summoning your samurais to face hordes of zombies.

The game was only made available for free last week, and we recommend you get it today while its hot, which should work perfectly with the new iPad’s retina display and quad-core chip – since the game lags a few times on A4 devices. Download it here.


• To finish the game, you’ll definitely need to buy some ‘gems’. Probably, that works if you’re richie rich, but you can always use the ‘free gem’ option. In my case, download all those app with higher gem earnings first, and when they are depleted. Change your IP address (to US, UK, Canada, Asia via VPN) and reload Tapjoy’s marketplace to get a fresh stock of apps you can get for more gems.

• Don’t feel intimidated of ‘erasing all your saved files’. Do this earlier on the game so you’ll know what items and skills you’ll need to upgrade later.

• Always focus on upgrading your watchtowers (the one guarded by your bowmen), and only spend your gem to level up ‘leadership’ (level 2 = 30 gems, level 3 = 50 gems). Believe me, it’ll make your life easier.

• Don’t level up any of your spells until you reach the last three, that is, the whirlwind, divine resurrection and that one which sweeps all your enemies in one attack (unlockable at wave 40).

Overkill (Multiplayer)

If you’re a fan of rail-shooter games like Time Crisis or Dead or Alive, you’ll certainly love Overkill. Originally launched last year as a paid app, it’s now released on the app store as free for a limited time only, so get it as soon as you can.


• Again, this game doesn’t only require your dexterous fingers to point and shoot the enemies, you also need to invest a couple of ‘medals’ to get those elite guns. Similar with SvZ, you can earn them by downloading free apps from Tapjoy and change your IP address.

• Don’t try to spend your hard-earned OMs on any weapons. In fact, there are only two weapons you’ll need for the game. The MSR Sniper Rifle from stage 1 to 2, and Tech III for the remaining levels. Make sure you fully upgraded their attachements. Soon you’ll see why we pick Tech III among the 14, or so, guns on Overkill. Download here.

Plumber Crack

Getting bored on smashing the face of Mr. Office Jerk? How about exploding your plumber’s butt with a dynamite? Welcome to Plumber Crack. Actually, we first played the game over iPhone 4S but for some bizarre case, it appears the game looks funnier and way more engaging if you’ll play it on the new iPad 3, especially when you see the guy’s but cheeks getting slammed on a 2048 x 1536 resolution. Download here.


• There’s really no tip with regards on how to play it since this is a ‘feel-good’ type of game. Then again, the same rules apply when you want to get in-game items without spending any buck.

Happy gaming with your new iPad!


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