Best Super Bowl Ads 2012: Dogs Won The Crowd

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Super Bowl is the championship event of the National Football League or the NFL held annually, and one of the biggest sports events in the US. The day of the Super Bowl is considered like a holiday, with many people glued on the TV to watch the event. Since millions of people watch the Super Bowl, the TV broadcast of the event attracts numerous advertisements. In fact, showing an ad for seconds on a Super Bowl will cost millions of dollars.

The ads on a Super Bowl broadcast are historically memorable, unique and funny, to take advantage of the million viewers; and of course to compensate for the millions of dollars paid for the ad space. That is the reason why ads on a Super Bowl are highly anticipated by viewers.

There are many notable ads for this year’s Super Bowl. However, what stood out is the commercial of Volkswagen called “Dog Strikes Back”. The commercial of Volks shows a dog name Bolt, who took pains to get in shape just to chase and catch up on a speeding Volkswagen car. A teaser video was also released via you tube before the “Dog Strikes Back” commercial. The teaser is called “The Bark Side”, wherein 11 dogs barks simultaneously producing the music theme of Star Wars. The teaser was very effective considering that the video recorded more than 10.6 million views as of this writing. However, the “Dog Strikes Back” got only more the 1 million views.

Check them out:

The creators of the new Volkswagen ad said that this commercial was a follow-up to the successful ad of Volks last year for the Super Bowl called “The Force”. They said that the new commercial took almost 6 months to make and had undergone hundreds of concept changes.


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