Black Friday 2012: Target Doorbuster Deals For Video Games and Consoles Are Massive

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It was only a matter of time until dealhunters find a way to get hold of Target’s complete ads for Black Friday 2012. And they did! Fortunately, the red trailer isn’t too shy on giving away deals for video games and consoles. In fact, just by looking at the latter, it’s at par with what Best Buy or Walmart offers.


Playstation 3 250GB Console w/ 2 games and one wireless controller at $199.99

Sony Playstation 3 Controller at $39.00

Playstation Vita Wi-Fi Bundle w/ Free Lego Batman 2 Game at $199.99

Nintendo 3DS Bundle w/ Super Mario Bro. 3D Land Game at $149.99

Microsoft Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points Card at $10.00

Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle at $199.99

XBOX 360 Wireless Controller at $39

Nintendo Wii System Bundle with 2 free games at $119.00

Nintendo Wii Play Motion with Remote Plus Controller at $39.00


Video Games

Assassin’s Creed 3 (X360) with free $20 Gift Card at $59.99

Boating Bash (DS) at $10.00

Borderlands 2 (X360) at $35.00

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (X360) at $10.00

Call of Duty: Black Ops (X360) at $15.00

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (X360) at $25.00

Disney Pixar Brave: The Video Game (DS) at $10.00

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Wii) at $35.00

Forza Horizon (X360) w/ Free $20 Gift Card at $59.99

Halo 4 (X360) w/ Free $20 Gift Card at $59.99

Just Dance 3 (Wii) at $15.00

Just Dance 4 (Wii) w/ Free $10 Gift Card at $10.00

Just Dance Disney Party (Wii) at $25.00

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Wii) at $25.00

Lego Battles: Ninjago (DS) at $15.00

Little Big Planet Karting (PS3) at $25.00

Madden NFL 13 (X360) at $35.00

Max Payne 3 (X360) at $25.00

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (X360) at $35.00

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (X360) at $35.00

Plants vs. Zombies (DS) at $15.00

Wheel of Fortune (Wii) at $10.00

Wreck-It Ralph (DS) at $15


We’re just glad Target didn’t forgot to add a Nintendo 3DS bundle unlike Walmart and Kmart. Overall, its deals for consoles are top-notch and can easily match the offers of other retailers. Still, Walmart holds a lead when it comes to video-games as its list is just too massive.

For those interested on participating with Target’s doobusters, the shop is a little more considerate and will start its BF sale on 9PM of Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22) and will continue for 26 hours all the way to 11PM the following day (Friday).

Check out our Black Friday 2012 hub for all the latest deals.


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