Black Mesa Revives Half Life, Download It Now For Free

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Hardcore FPS fans may still remember the exploits of Valve’s Half Life and for the time it has spent on our PCs, the world as we knew it back then revolved around it but sad to say, Half Life was overshadowed by similar genres with new characters and storyline, crisp details and graphics and a fresh take on wasting bullets.

Today however, is a very special day for the fans of the franchise: Valve Software has just announced Black Mesa, an eight year endeavor to revive Half Life and to reintroduce the title back to the hearts of FPS lovers. Black Mesa promises to give games 10 hours of pure gameplay and will run on the company’s Source engine.

Alongside enlarged levels, new maps, media files and code features were also added to Valve’s Black Mesa but it will still bring the original exploits of Dr. Gordon Freeman and the rest of the cast that made Half Life one of the most recognizable and beloved first person shooter title of all time.

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To be able to download Black Mesa, you need to have a Source Engine installed on your PC or gaming laptop. The enhanced version of Half Life is free for download although it’ll take a toll on your disk space at 3.8GB. It’s entirely not that bad since the download comes with the full soundtrack of the game as well. Also make sure you have at least an XP OS, 1GB of extra RAM, Shader Model 3.0 capable, DirectX 9.0c and an 8GB HDD to enjoy the game at its fullest.

The Xbox360 controller is, for the delight of those who have one will be compatible with Black Mesa. Mac users on the other hand are still in the dark.



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