Black Ops 3 On PS4 & Xbox 720 With Next-Gen Graphics

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If there’s one word that’s been pinging around this year’s Game Developers Conference, it’s photorealism. Kojima’s antics might have generated some buzz and entertainment, but his company is hardly the only one working on a photorealistic game engine. Activision has also been working on its next-generation console gaming engine and Jorge Jimenez, the company’s technical director, was only too happy to show it off.

During a discussion organized by the GDC, Activision’s artists showed off a panel of images of what they claim their new gaming engine will be able to produce. Touted as the result of a year of hard work, Activision’s Jimenez talked about how they are very close to creating the ultimate photorealistic images, with realistic looking eyebrows, hair and teeth and facial expressions with more impact due to real emotions coming out.

Of course, since the company doing the presentation is Activision and the panel of images show a soldier, speculations that this is what the next Call of Duty will look like have started to fly. Activision head honchos have already admitted that they will be releasing a Call of Duty game before the year ends, but declined to discuss what the game will be or what to expect from the next Call of Duty. Many believe that the smart move for Activision here is to release Black Ops 3 as Black Ops 2’s 1 billion run on its first 15 days have proven the franchise’s mettle. Anyway, it will be awesome to see the next Call of Duty running on next-gen consoles like the PS 4 and the Xbox 720, whether it’s Modern Warfare or Black Ops 3.




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