Black Ops Escalation: Survive Call of the Dead Map — Wishlist?

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One of the greatest news for the announcement of Black Ops last year, aside from its new guns, perks and environment, are the maps. Obviously, the thing that caught the attention of all gamers, was the decision of Activision to infused a new “zombie” map on the game first previewed in World at War. Then again, Kino Der Toten map was like nothing you’ve seen before. In fact, some of our commenters have said that the only reason why they bought black ops is to play those zombie maps.

Sure it was fun! And that’s the reason why Treyarch pulled out another zombie-map called as the Ascension included on its First Strike DLC last February, which was criticized as something “average” and not really as engaging like the previous zombie maps.

Yesterday, the gamingsphere has leaked that the next DLC for Black Ops will be called as Escalation map, and it will feature out 5 five new maps. Included there is another zombie-map called as Survive “Call of the Dead”, in which some gamers are hoping it won’t come out as a copycat of previous zombie maps.

After browsing the web, it appears most of the players are wondering why is it named like that? Anyway, as far as the “wishlist” is concerned, many are predicting this map would have something to do with Area-51 which would come out as a segue for a “Space Ops” type of adventure, rumored as another project by Activision for a different developer. Or, like a Left4Dead type of gameplay in which you’ll be given a specific timeframe to eliminate all zombies until you reach your goal. Then again, others are just wishing this new zombie map would have a unique gameplay and won’t end up as something as predictable as the Ascension map.

At this point, we would like to ask you what are your predictions for the upcoming Survive Call of the Dead map? — Provided that the whole Escalation map leak was for real!


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