Black Ops Shutting Down on PS3 Servers! — Fact or Fiction?

Posted on 19 January 2011 by author

Oh shikes please no!

As some of you who are wondering how popular Call of Duty Black Ops really is, you can attest this recent dilemma being faced by the gamers as well as the company for your proof.

The fury erupted just a couple of weeks ago, as Black Ops PSN servers have always been plagued with vociferous criticism by players, throwing some impetus of hot words to its customer support, asking why the latency of Black Ops on PSN has always going on intermittent delays?

And all crumbles down into this one summation of an angry tirade, revealed on this blog post, stating in-detail the frustration of PS3 gamers on how come their servers are always seemingly being hit by lags and other technical difficulties. The controversial part arrives when Dov Carson (Senior Support) saw this and he replied that the remedy for this is to close the whole PSN (playstation network) servers!

Here’s the excerpt:

“The publishers have the right to shut down the servers for their game at any time as well which based on the number of reported posts from users may be a viable solution over the free PSN,”

Activision said, they are “looking into the matter” right now.

Anyway, If you’ll ask my opinion, with all due your respect sir, shutting down an entire server is not the way to do handle it. For it will only give more rude remarks from your millions of gamers. As you know, in this type of business, “customers are always right” — I’m just saying.



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