Black Saturday 2012: Black Ops 2 at $49.99 & Skyrim Collector’s Edition at $89 From Toys R Us

Posted on 24 November 2012 by author

Black Saturday (not this one) is a term used by dealhunters to highlight those good deals that are still available after Black Friday, and should continue the following day.

And that’s what exactly Toys R Us is doing as the shop listed Black Ops 2 (with bonus Nuketown 2025 Map) at $49.99 with free shipping.

For those who have attended Black Friday earlier today, you know getting BO2 at this price is really hard and all the bargains you’ll have are gift card or discount coupons.

Here’s a screenshot of our cart.

So what’s the catch? Basically, none. If you’ll remember, the toy shop also offered this deal last week including Halo 4 on the list which is a big hit for a lot of gamers.

As a bonus, the shop is also offering Skyrim (Collector’s Edition) for Xbox 360 at $89.99. For those who have missed the item, this is the right chance as Amazon is offering this bundle at $105 going up.

So far, there’s no word until when Toys R Us will list these two items with that kind of discount but we’re hearing tips from our readers that it should last for a full day, hopefully.

Finger crossed!


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