Blackberry 10 Release To Include Video Chat & Front Facing Camera?

Posted on 11 July 2012 by author

At the annual shareholder meeting of RIM, CEO Thorsten Heins revealed that the upcoming Blackberry 10 OS will have the video chat support to its BBM. This is to coincide with the company’s new generation communication suite and the intent to keep BBM exclusive to BlackBerry.

The Blackberry 10 will feature a touch first mobile platform with a software keyboard that is adaptive enough to meet your typing style. Keyboard fans would truly be proud to get their hands on the new physical keyboard-centric phones.

Since all Blackberry phones don’t have video-chat support, incorporating it with the Blackberry 10 only shows that RIM is keeping pace with the constantly evolving mobile experience. We can also speculate that the Blackberry 10 will have a front-camera to enable the video-chat feature. Moreover, by simply pressing the shutter button, you can easily edit your shots with improved facial expressions, quality of lighting and other key issues.

With all these hype about the video-chat feature of the Blackberry 10, it’s but natural to think that Blackberry is gearing up for Google and Skype. If that’s the case, Blackberry will indeed be a social platform which focuses more on experience as compared with others who prefer to keep up with the apps race. Release date is still hazy since the company decided to delay BB10′s release until first quarter of 2013. Stay tuned.



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