Blackberry Bold 9900 Review Before Release (Video Impressions)

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As some of you may already know, its BB World Event today! And that means, RIM will try to gather all of its zealots to enthuse them with its 2011 generation of Blackberry smartphones.

Moments ago, we gave you news that Blackberry Bold 9900 and BB 9930 nee Bold Touch is now officially confirmed, both packing with the same specifications whereas the former will come as a GSM device that supports 3G and 4G speed, while the latter is a “global phone” that comes with a CDMA flavor supporting LTE (should RIM decides to put Red V’s 4G on this device).

Naturally, engadget managed to laid its hands on the Blackberry 9900 and at first glance, their reaction says, “it looks like the very iconic blackberry” – which sound pleasing as ever. Meanwhile, this device has some noticeable features like full touchscreen support which is very snappy, along with its traditional QWERTY keyboard. It’s also noteworthy to say, that its side has a full metal-frame with a thickness of 10.5 millimeters (the current thinnest Blackberry on the planet)

Check out the Blackberry Bold 9900 video-review.

In addition to that, you can also see how easy it is to edit your excel files, pinch-to-zoom capability, improved browser-speed because of Blackberry OS 7 –- see the new Liquid UI engine after the 4:00 mark.

All we can say is it looks great! And for those who haven’t own any smartphone, then you might as well want to try the BB 9900 – especially if you’re going to use it for business purposes. And remember, Blackberry OS 7 only works for these newly revealed handsets, something that may perk your interest too!


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