Blackberry Playbook Specs Are Good But its Features Sucks! (Review)

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Yesterday, I can’t believe that the prediction of WSJ was correct this time and it turns out that RIM really did announce their new tablet which was called ‘playbook’ touted to be the ‘fastest tablet in the world’ by their CEO (Mike Lazardis). This was after some months of wait since it was first leaked on May. Now I will not go and beat behind the bush here, the Blackberry Playbook will be a total failure even before the arrival of blackfriday if it won’t give a definite answer for these questions.


1) Not enough Marketing and PR Power.

If you aren’t a tech-savvy guy or a pundit who keeps on nosing around about the latest gadgets then you wouldn’t even realize that this gadget existed until today. I can’t help but to compare this one with the iPad. Remember? That device was like spin into a dozen amount of rumor-mills but still, the consumers were dying to hold it in their hands eagerly waiting for that momentous day of its arrival. Even the lousy PR team of Google still did a pretty good job of announcing their Nexus One, which stood as the model phone for all Android smartphones today.

But this Blackberry Playbook was like a food being thrown up to the hungry consumers who’s waiting for an iPad-killer and its master-chef is just saying “Eat it!”. Heck, I was surprised to wake up today to see that it was already here! Its announcement didn’t even manage to create a buzz at all. How would they expect that this one would be bought by a bigger mass of consumers?

2) Not Enough Apps = Fail

There has been a debate now if there’s really a need for that 3rd app store to be born aside from Apple and Android. This is the reason why rumors are buzzing around that Windows and Nokia might connive to launch their own app store. Also HP is planning to launch one in their WebOS platform. Blackberry also has its own platform but it’s petite, ugly, and half-baked. Now RIM has a new QNX based kernel technology said to revolutionize the ecosystem of apps for the Playbook. But I would love to see how they will do that.

If you have been a user of RIM then you know that blackberries were never made as a consumer electronic device, it was meant for users who just want to call-text-check-my-appointments-email and that’s it! This is the reason why it’s the recommended phone for the CIA and for Presidents. But a lot of consumers nowadays demands more functionality, they want something that can do more than just that. And speaking of which, there’s no doubt that Android and Apple are the best app store for this one.

The Blackberry Playbook may have one of the best specifications for a tablet today, it’s even thinner lighter and sexier than the iPad. But it’s a shame that you can’t max out its potentiality just because its apps are limited to its own platform.

3) Will the price be too high?

Like I said, its specifications is really high-end but does it mean consumers would need to pay more? This is the current dilemma of the Samsung galaxy tab. And I am telling you, I would pick it anytime of the day than this playbook just because its using Android for its app store. Today, RIM didn’t announce the official price of the Playbook. But I can assume that it would start at 600 USD going up. Also, there’s no word if it will use a micro-sd for its storage or it will be locked just like the iPad. Again that factor will certainly affect its price as well.


blackberry playbook

I’ve been a user of blackberry smartphones for years now and the one thing that I like about it is it does what a normal phone should do and performs the basic functions that I need, exceedingly well. But a tablet device isn’t made only for that. It was made for social-gaming, rich-app content, music, entertainment, etc. Again if this playbook won’t present something that’s more special than the iPad, Galaxy Tab or that one that I’m waiting for from Google, then why the heck should I buy it?

No one would be foolish enough to get it, just because its name is RIM and its all looks but has no brain.  — I’m just saying. Hopefully Blackberry has a remedy for this one.


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