Blackberry Tablet: Is it for Real?

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It all started early of April when the Chinese component supplier Hon Hai better known as Foxconn had said that RIM had placed an order to them for 8.9 inch displays that can used for tablets. Rumors then had started to spread that RIM’s blackberry will be releasing its own tablet.

Research In Motions Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis had said during and interview that although they are unsure about the possibility of long term prospects for tablets, their company is very much capable of bringing to the market their very own tablet.

The rumored Blackberry tablet had been given codenames of Black Pad and Cobalt. It will also be different from its usual line of business oriented blackberry Smartphone and will more of a companion device. Amazingly, this device will not have any integrated Wi-Fi or 3G signal, instead it will be relying on a Bluetooth connection or built in Wi-Fi radio. It is also expected to act as a secondary device to your BlackBerry, linking up and stealing the Wi-Fi or 3G signal.

According also to the sources from the Canadian handset maker, the tablet will be carrying a full Blackberry OS compatibility and functionality. It will also be less of an internet tablet but more of a multimedia companion allowing more of eBooks, emailing, and web browsing. It will also be sporting a much bigger format. The tablet is also said to be packaged smaller and thinner that Apple iPad.

The Blackberry tablet is speculated to be released some time in December particularly in the RIM’s WES 2011 event but according to some sources, the company is trying to make it possible for an earlier date release.

RIM however had closed their mouths in giving other details about the said tablet’s specs and price ranges. It has been a strict policy in their company not to leak any information especially if its still in the process. However even though its not yet formally confirmed, just knowing RIMS big plan had already gathered series of negative comments from people who doesn’t believe in  the company’s capabilities to released such device like Apple.


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